Now it's time to work out the key points.

The cooperative doctorate programme between universities and universities of applied sciences announced today in the Council of Ministers is welcomed in the university of applied sciences sector. "We see this programme as an opportunity. It is pleasing that the Science Ministry has recognised the added value of innovation-oriented research at universities of applied sciences and has created a new space for this with our call for the cooperative doctorate," said FHK President Ribitsch in an initial reaction.

"In fact, however, the key points of the programme's content will first be worked out by the FWF together with the CDG. I agree with uniko President Seidler here. It is crucial to set up the programme in such a way that universities and universities of applied sciences can act on an equal footing and optimally contribute their respective strengths. The basic intention of the programme is to promote young academics at universities of applied sciences. This will expand the opportunities for universities of applied sciences to develop the careers of their researchers. We see this as a first positive step in line with our demands in this regard," concluded Ribitsch.

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