Urgent appeal at the Research Forum of the Austrian Universities of Applied Sciences

The participants of the 16th Research Forum of Universities of Applied Sciences yesterday made an urgent appeal to the Federal Minister of Education, Science and Research, Prof. Dr Martin Polaschek. The background to this is the development and financing plan for universities of applied sciences recently published by the BMBWF, in which responsibility for research is delegated to the universities of applied sciences, although the legislator has enshrined federal responsibility for teaching and research in the Universities of Applied Sciences Act. "The BMBWF under HBM Polaschek is carrying out an artificial separation of tasks and funding here. The law provides for exactly the opposite, namely a clear responsibility of the BMBWF for teaching and research! This is because teaching and research are to be understood as an inseparable unit at a university. High-quality teaching at university level is not possible without research. The BMBWF is responsible for ensuring this quality," says Ulrike Prommer, President of the FHK.

More than 350 participants therefore made an urgent appeal directly to HBM Polaschek, to whom the signed declarations were handed over after the event.

The appeal verbatim:

Mr Polaschek, you are also the Research Minister for Universities of Applied Sciences!

Dear Federal Minister of Education, Science and Research and Research Associate Professor Dr Martin Polaschek!

Teaching and research form an inseparable unit for researchers at universities of applied sciences.

At universities of applied sciences, the concept of "teaching" is intrinsic to that of "research": teaching without research does not exist!

Research must therefore not be detached from teaching, neither in terms of content nor financially.


  1. You are responsible for teaching, so of course you are also responsible for research at universities of applied sciences!
  2. Don't ignore research, Mr Minister, but stand by your responsibility, especially towards young researchers at Austrian universities of applied sciences, and provide the necessary framework conditions!
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