FHK reiterates the federal states' renewed appeal to Federal Minister Polaschek for rapid implementation

In their "Milker Declaration" (OTS from 29 August 2023), the federal states of Lower Austria and Upper Austria are once again demanding doctorates for universities of applied sciences from the federal government. This reaffirms a long-standing demand of the University of Applied Sciences Conference (FHK), which must now be implemented quickly.

FHK President Ulrike Prommer commented: "With this declaration, the federal states are reinforcing the resolution of the Conference of State Governors of 7 June 2023, in which the right for universities of applied sciences to offer doctoral studies was already identified as a key locational advantage for Austria and for the further development of universities of applied sciences. We are very pleased with this renewed push by the federal states, as the doctorate is a core element of our young academics' careers. With the doctorate, we can better promote talented people and prepare them for their careers in research and development. We very much hope that we can now quickly take a significant step forward in this matter and achieve the introduction of doctoral programmes at universities of applied sciences by the federal government."

As a recent Value added study shows that application-orientated research at universities of applied sciences makes a significant contribution to the innovation potential and further development of the Austrian economy. Around 1,500 UAS students are already working in research. Research is focussed on the areas of future technologies, sustainability and health.

"With UAS doctoral programmes, we could use research at universities of applied sciences even more effectively as an effective driver of economic innovation. Universities of Applied Sciences now need the legal possibility to offer externally accredited doctoral programmes," appeals President Prommer.

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