UAS4EUROPE, the network of European universities of applied sciences/universities of applied sciences, is driving forward reforms and is receiving a strong tailwind from the EU Commission in return

Europe is facing major challenges as a centre of research. In the coming years, it will be important to fully utilise its own research strengths and to convert the generated output into innovative products and services "Made in Europe". More than ever, this focus also applies to the EU's major future research programmes, such as the successor programme to Horizon Europe.

"Universities of Applied Sciences (UAS), as they are known internationally, have a key role to play in this major task. Their approach to research is application- and implementation-orientated. This means that their research does not end with the publication of results, but goes far beyond this. Universities of applied sciences conduct research into concrete applications and methods of implementation, which are then transferred to the economy and society. This generates added value and scientific progress for the regions of Europe," says FHK Secretary General Kurt Koleznik, who represents the Austrian University of Applied Sciences Conference (FHK) at UAS4EUROPE.

As part of a Event UAS4EUROPE at the Permanent Representation of Austria to the EU, the network campaigned for new standards to be set in the evaluation of research achievements that comprehensively reflect this impact orientation and that go beyond pure publication activities or complement them in a meaningful way. This new approach is considered necessary and strongly supported by the EU Commission.

"UAS4EUROPE is an important networking platform for Austrian universities of applied sciences at European level. The focus on research demonstrates its great importance. Austria's universities of applied sciences need strong support from the public sector.

Their potential in research and technology transfer is currently not being fully utilised. Measures such as sustainable financing of research with federal funds and the possibility of having independent doctorates accredited in order to be able to offer our researchers attractive career prospects must be implemented. We will continue to work towards this at a national level in order to prevent Austria from being placed at a competitive disadvantage in Europe," says Koleznik.


UAS4EUROPE is a joint initiative of swissuniversities, Hochschule Bayern e.V., University Colleges Denmark, Netherlands Association of Universities of Applied Sciences, Finnish Universities of Applied Sciences (ARENE), Hochschulen für Angewandte Wissenschaften Baden-Württemberg e.V., Hochschulallianz für den Mittelstand and Österreichische Fachhochschul-Konferenz (FHK). The initiative is committed to strengthening and increasing the visibility of universities of applied sciences (UAS) in the European research landscape. UAS4EUROPE represents 150+ universities.

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