Federal Minister Polaschek sees many opportunities for further development for universities of applied sciences/universities of applied sciences

On the second day of the research forum of the universities of applied sciences, HBM Martin Polaschek, Deputy Governor Stephan Pernkopf, Walter Schober, Chairman of the Bavarian University of Applied Sciences and President of the Ingolstadt University of Applied Sciences, FHK President Ulrike Prommer and Christian Moser (Lower Austrian Chamber of Commerce) discussed the topic "Developments in the regions of Europe - Where does Austria stand?".

Walter Schober reported on developments in Bavaria, where over 5 billion euros have been invested in universities and 1,200 research professorships have been funded at universities of applied sciences as part of the "Hightech Agenda Bayern". Bavaria is convinced that prosperity and cohesion are secured through innovation, which requires certain framework conditions. The Bavarian universities of applied sciences are very important in this context because their applied research has been expanded and they have been granted the right to award doctorates.

All panellists agreed that universities of applied sciences in Austria are just as important for prosperity and innovation.

The panellists also welcomed the introduction of the term "universities of applied sciences" with the current amendment to the Universities of Applied Sciences Act. HBM Polaschek emphasised that this expresses the tasks of universities of applied sciences and universities of applied sciences: applied research and its scientific development.

In the course of the discussion, HBM Polaschek signalled a willingness to talk about the introduction of a doctoral option for universities of applied sciences. This would depend on the future framework conditions, such as quality and funding, which still need to be discussed.

"Bavaria's great creative drive is a role model for Austria. The strengthening of application-orientated research at universities of applied sciences must also take place quickly in Austria and, of course, we must also create doctoral opportunities for universities of applied sciences. We are pleased that HBM Polaschek has signalled room for manoeuvre in this regard and are optimistic that we will soon begin talks with him," said FHK President Ulrike Prommer in response to the results of the discussion.

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