The Austrian University of Applied Sciences Conference (FHK), which represents the interests of all Austrian universities of applied sciences, welcomes the positive results of the current study "Education in Figures 2022/23" by STATISTICS AUSTRIA. The universities of applied sciences perform exceptionally well in several areas, confirming their decisive role in the Austrian higher education landscape.

Lower drop-out rates: Universities of applied sciences focus on practical study programmes

One of the outstanding findings of the study is the comparatively low drop-out rate at universities of applied sciences. While the dropout rate for Bachelor's programmes at universities averages around 38 %, it is only 19% at universities of applied sciences. "These figures illustrate the success of the practical and career-oriented degree programmes at universities of applied sciences, which offer students a clear perspective and a direct link to the world of work," says FHK President Ulrike Prommer.

High attractiveness for first-year students: Universities of Applied Sciences continue on an upward trend despite regulated places for new students

The study also shows that universities of applied sciences continue to be very popular, despite regulated study places. As many as 27% of all students in a given year begin their studies at a university of applied sciences (56% at a university).
These figures underline the attractiveness of universities of applied sciences for young people who are actively seeking a practice-orientated and future-proof course of study.

Strong in practice: close cooperation with industry

Another reason for the success of universities of applied sciences is their close cooperation with industry. These collaborations enable students to gain valuable practical experience during their studies and prepare them for the demands of the labour market. This is also reflected in the high employment rate of graduates. The practical training and strong networks of the universities of applied sciences contribute significantly to the professional integration and career development of students.

Top regional results: Universities of Applied Sciences as the engine of the local economy

The universities of applied sciences achieve impressive results not only at national level, but also in the individual federal states. These regional successes help to strengthen the local economy and create jobs. Universities of Applied Sciences play a central role in regional development and offer young people attractive educational and career opportunities locally.

The results of the "Education in Figures 2022/23" study confirm the important role of universities of applied sciences in the Austrian education landscape. Our low drop-out rates, high attractiveness for first-year students and strong practical orientation make them an indispensable part of the Austrian higher education system. Universities of applied sciences not only offer high-quality study programmes, but also contribute to strengthening the economy and society.

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