8 May 2024

FHK welcomes emergency paramedic training as part of 3-year FH degree programmes

7 May 2024

"Universities vote for Europe": Joint campaign by universities and universities of applied sciences for EU elections

26 April 2024

FHK: Implement a contemporary MTD (medical-therapeutic-diagnostic) job profile NOW!

23 April 2024

FHK: Austrian Federal Economic Chamber (WKO) brings "applied research" in front of the curtain

18 April 2024

FHK: Universities of Applied Sciences as drivers of innovation in the regions

18 April 2024

Research at universities of applied sciences is the powerhouse for the economy and society

12 April 2024

Psychotherapy studies now also possible at universities of applied sciences!

28 March 2024

FHK welcomes the announcement of 350 additional places for first-year students

21 March 2024

FHK urges HBM Rauch to reinstate universities of applied sciences in the new Psychotherapy Act

20 March 2024

FHK: Important demands fulfilled in amendment to the Universities of Applied Sciences Act (FHG)

17 January 2024

FHK: Current amendment to the law contains positive elements, but the accreditation option for doctorates is missing

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