11 December 2023

FHK calls for expansion of study places in the field of social work

28 November 2023

em. Prof. Dr Karl-Peter Pfeiffer becomes the first honorary member of the Austrian University of Applied Sciences Conference (FHK)

17 October 2023

FHK - Demand for immediate increase in funding rates: Universities of Applied Sciences urgently need inflation compensation

28 September 2023

FHK: Take the budgetary needs of science seriously!

25 September 2023

FHK: Current study emphasises growing financial needs of Fachhochschulen and highlights potential risks

31 August 2023

Strengthen domestic research, promote talent and increase added value with FH doctorates

11 August 2023

Presidium of the Fachhochschule Conference presents Federal Minister Polaschek with value-added study on the Fachhochschule sector

23 June 2023

FHK congratulates the new ÖH federal representation

9 June 2023

Provincial governors identify doctoral studies at universities of applied sciences as a necessary further development

7 June 2023

Provincial governors call for doctoral programmes at universities of applied sciences

25 May 2023

Strong sign of application-oriented research at Universities of Applied Sciences - UAS (Fachhochschulen-FH) in Europe

19 May 2023

More students, more degrees confirm the great importance of Fachhochschulen

12 May 2023

FHK on the "International Day of Care

8 May 2023

FHK: Länder demand inflationary adjustment and research funding for universities of applied sciences from the federal government

21 April 2023

Germany on its way to becoming the world leader in science - Austria is falling behind

20 April 2023

Why does HBM Polaschek have such a hard time with research at universities of applied sciences?

23 March 2023

Universities of Applied Sciences in the DISSENS on the FH development and financing plan of the BMBWF

22 March 2023

Press conference: FH sector in DISSENS on the FH development and financing plan, 23.3.2023, 10:00 a.m. at the FH of BFI Vienna

21 March 2023

FHK: New edition of the FH development and financing plan is rejected again

10 March 2023

FHK on Chancellor Nehammer's speech: The solution to the urgent questions of the future lies in education and science!

30 January 2023

Universities of Applied Sciences and their sponsors defend themselves against further marginalisation

24 January 2023

Universities of Applied Sciences reject the draft development and financing plan and reject it in its entirety

20 January 2023

BMAW/FFG/FHK: Research at universities of applied sciences for the economy

18 January 2023

FHK on the Higher Education Plan: Universities of Applied Sciences are academic-professional field-oriented universities

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