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Aims and Tasks

The Committee for Research and Development pursues the following goals and seeks to fulfil the following tasks in the support of the Board:

  • Events and measures to represent the research competencies of Universities of Applied Sciences.
  • Reinforcement of the role of Universities of Applied Sciences as strong regional partners through the structured integration in decision-making processes, programmes, support programmes, etc.
  • Dialogue with decision-making bodies and business in order to take advantage of the potential of Universities of Applied Sciences as research partners with substantial marketability.
  • Dialogue with universities in order to develop research models in mutual complementation.
  • Advocacy for permanent programmes encouraging research at Universities of Applied Sciences.
  • Advocacy for a basic financing for applied research at Universities of Applied Sciences.

About us

Research has helped shape the image und the self-conception of the UAS sector from the very beginning. Already in the original version of the UAS Studies Act from 1993, lawmakers gave Universities of Applied Sciences the explicit order to conduct research. Universities of Applied Sciences offer, according to their legal order, an academically-founded, practical, tertiary-level education. In this way, the Humboldt Principle manifests itself in the research-oriented teaching of UAS studies, which, through their practice-relevance and close relationship to professional fields, work towards achieving an independent profile in the UAS sector. Through this special profile, research at Universities of Applied Sciences makes a significant contribution to the strong interconnection of science and business. An active transfer of technology and product-related implementation in the industrial sector are significant factors for success.