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Aims and Tasks

  • Training programme for the Austrian UAS sector: target group specific and further education, development of optimal didactics (seminars, workshops, Symposia).
  • Networking of Austrian Personnel activities, encouragement of an exchange of experiences.
  • Creation of an UAS specific academic basis for personnel matters.

About us

We support Austrian Universities of Applied Sciences in the following areas of activity

  • Personnel and Organisational Development, as well as
  • Training and further training for full-time and part-time staff memberes, and in doing so, the development of a unique culture in the UAS sector which is characterised by cooperation and professional development.

The Committee, wether as a team or as individual members in their work environment, acts as a "Change Agent" for the introduction of modern and scientifically-based instruments of Personnel Development and Organisational Development, appropriate to the university culture of the governing bodies. The realisation of such occurs through local specialists in the UAS sector. We act as a "network", with the permanent exchange between colleagues in Austria and abroad being a matter of great importance to us.

Goals of the work of the committe for Personnel Development and Organisational Development

Personnel Development

  • We initiate and accompany research projects and communicate the results of such on the topic of "Personnel Development and Organisatinal Development in the UAS sector".
  • Through our offering of further training courses, we make a contribution to the personal development of university instructors and support the development of non-specialised competences as well as the development of innovative didactic methods for institutions of higher education.

Organisational Development

  • We support the overall development of Austrian Universities of Applied Sciences by obserivng progress relating to organisational development in our own environment and demonstrating possibilities for strategic action.


We encourage:

  • the development of a variety of methods for teaching and learning at Austrian Universities of Applied sciences
  • the development of action-oriented didactics
  • the building-up and development of non-specialised competences


  • Workshops und seminars for employees in the UAS sector
  • Initiation of research projects
  • Offering symposia, conferences and similar large events (with the support of the individual governing bodies)
  • Administration of an internet platform
  • Committee meetings (the main purpose of which being the exchange of experiences and the management of various projects in the establishment of and quality assurance of further training measures)
  • Publication of print material or internet publication
  • Participation in international events